Current status of levels, zones, crafting, trading, achievements and my general impression of the game

Marquise de Saster: 31  //  Nymeria Wyvernsong: 21 // Khaleesi Taari: 20 // Dinah Might: 16  // Phantasmorgia: 5


Necromancer: I think this one is going to be my main - I'm enjoying her greatly. I discarded the minions, since they kept dieing and were more a nuisance than a help. With the patch on Sept. 25th I also noticed a newly introduced snoring noise that made me feel stalked by a sleep walker, so no minions for now. I  am running Scepter/Dagger + Staff and finally also started using the Death Shroud skill which is very useful. Personal stories +2 level above me don't seem to be an issue.

Elementalist: After watching a nice video I started using the double dagger combo which feels fun once you have the rotation but also gets you into melee with the mobs and - ouch. This toon is dieing a lot recently and not so much fun as it was in the beginning, especially not when doing mobs on level.

Ranger: still very powerful and fun. I also tried out the greatsword which has nice animal animations but in general I still prefer the short bow / longbow combo.

Engineer: has not been played

Mesmer: hast not been played

Zones discovered:

Wayfarer Foothills: 100% with Nymeria
Kessex Hills: 100% with Marquise

Who’s where:

Marquise has finished both human starting zones, Queensdale and Kessex Hills and is now halfway through Gendarran Fields (human level 25-35) - loads of pirates around there.

Nymeria has concentrated on finishing the Norn starting zone Wayfarer Foothills and is now halfway through the next zone, Snowden Drifts - which is a quite boring area in terms of landscape.

Khal and Khaleesi have finished the Wayfarer Foothills and are now in Diessa Plateau (Charr 25-35).


Nymeria has been busy making gold, I think so far she made about 6-7 gold. She's still buying cloth armor level 0-20 and breaking it down to sell jute. A good way to make some money atm is also crafting rawhide jerkin panels and wool jerkin panels.

28/09/2012 10:33

Progression ;)


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