Fighting the Champion Cave Troll
There was not much left to do for the Marquise in Gendarran Fields, but she had her mind set on two things: 1) finishing the zone that very day and 2) reaching level 33. She had got herself some new beautiful garb to impress Ihan and was keen to be able to don it.
Thus she wrestled with Champion Cave Trolls, fought in pits in the mountains and by chance stumbled across the "Povenic Crypt" - a ghastly place with traps and a champion spider. AND a chest in the end. Worth the hassle.

Fire traps in Povenic Crypt
A place to die for
"The Sisterhood" has some things in common - they all like a clean death of their enemies, exploring Tyria and sending post cards to keep in touch and the others up to date. We will thus start this new "post card" series.
The Marquise has fought her way through Queensdale and entered the gate of the human capital City: Divinity's Reach !!

As you can see she was overwhelmed by the sheer size and beauty of it.

I must confess Divinity's Reach is the most pretty city I have ever seen in a game.

Discovering the whole of DR took quite a while, I could not resist stopping here and there, gazing at splendid details like the orchestra or the cemetary - the whole city has a feel of 'Florence in the 18th century' about it.