It was her well kept secret but now she did not only  have to tell people about having lost her ancestor's warhorn at the moot - no, it also turned out the very item is a magical artifact that is helping the Sons of Svanir, servants of Zhaitan.
With the help of Followed by Night and Eir Stegalkin Nymeria readies herself to the task of winning the warhorn back.
Varg does not approve of her intruding
Varg and Eir fighting over Nymeria's body
Nymeria apparently has a knack for business:
She started off six days ago, having all but 5 silver coins, and today her accountant told her she had more than 3 gold !
The jute and wool business have performed extremely well.

About time to treat herself to a shopping tour! And look what she got herself: a full green 'Mighty Magician' set dyed in 'pastel lemon' and 'mint breeze'.

But don't make the mistake of taking her for a trader only, she is quite efficient at conjuring elements:

The trading post has been down since yesterday evening - which leaves Nymeria in a pretty jobless situation. Usually she can be found going about her business in Hoelbrak all the time.
I don't know for sure, but this is what I imagine she must be doing right now, celebrating the free time and having a drink or two too much ...

Despite being a proficient ranger, Taari still sets a lot of store by her appearance.

Whenever she visits Hoelbrak she dons her town clothes, which look pretty enough, but her studded coat / legs / gloves and shoes definitely would not do.
The Khal's eyes must not be offended by such garb.

Taari thus contacted Nymeria, asking her for something more becoming to the eye.

Nymearia gladly obliged and provided Taari with a Seeker set.

After having sold about 500 cotton scraps today, Nymeria decided it was about time to take a break from her work at the trading Post and leave cold Hoelbrak behind for a little adventure.

First though she had to dye her clothes - being particularly fond of the new light green colour she found.

She had been told about secret chests in Kryta and could not resist hunting them down for some potential shinies.
Her first destination was "Beggar's Burrow" south of Divinity's Reach, where she had some minor troubles convincing the bandits to open the door - restoring to some "fiery arguments" though did the trick.
On her way to the second chest at the Taimini camp  near Turnwatch Waypoint she was talked into helping herding some Pygmy Moas and whilst defending them from raptors found out that she was quite fond of earth magic after all.

Nymeria has been busy making a lot of money on the Trading Post these last days, so she has not seen much of the world outside Hoelbrak.

Unfortunately I just found out that newest entries sell first, so my stack of 1.000 cotton straps that I put up one day ago is likely never to get sold even though it matches the current lowest price.
I ought to calm down about it, but I'm struggling.