Trouble in the Catacombs! Eir Stegalkin, Norn member of Destiny's Edge, apparently stirred up the ghost of the last ascalonian king.
The Marquise and her friends and guild mates Desmond Fancy, Xvar, Menon and Elderiela were asked to help.

And help they did!

Yes, there are ghosts in Ascalon!
You don't know who I am?
He started out as a corpse, now he is a corpse again
Looks dead - let's kill him again!
I am the reaper !
Done! Good job, guys. The Marquise is proud of you.
Fighting the Champion Cave Troll
There was not much left to do for the Marquise in Gendarran Fields, but she had her mind set on two things: 1) finishing the zone that very day and 2) reaching level 33. She had got herself some new beautiful garb to impress Ihan and was keen to be able to don it.
Thus she wrestled with Champion Cave Trolls, fought in pits in the mountains and by chance stumbled across the "Povenic Crypt" - a ghastly place with traps and a champion spider. AND a chest in the end. Worth the hassle.

Fire traps in Povenic Crypt
A place to die for
The Marquise's personal story continues. This time the Order of Whispers asked her and Tybalt Leftpaw to bring de Saster to some pirates that kidnapped Demmi, Minister Caudecus' daughter and the Orders' informant.
Tybalt had arranged for the Marquise to distract the pirates while he searched for the hostage.
And what a distraction he created - a drinking competition!! As if that wasn't already enough, he also organized a pirate costume for them. Poor Marquise.
But once she had accepted her fate, the Marquise performed great! She outdrank a human, an Asura and even a Charr, winning the competition and baffling all the other pirates.
Unfortunately their disguise then was discovered and some fighting was required to free Demmi and take her back to the Order's safehouse.

Unfortunately Ihan was not there to celebrate her succes. But the Marquise met Lady Wi and, hear hear, it turned out her mentor Tybalt Leftpaw was not as experienced as he wanted her to believe. Never trust a Charr!
So, this was a level 33 Personal Story - which the Marquise soloed at level 30/31. Not bad, Ma'am ;)
Greetings, Sisters in Arms.
I have left the Kessex Hills behind and ventured forth to Gendarran Fields.
Look at the beautiful view that welcomed me in the cornucopian fields.
There is a lot of talk about pirates here - I guess I have to see for myself and sing them a deadly shanty.

                                                                    - the Marquise

I am also attaching a postcard from Triskell Quay in Kessex Hills. I meant to send that one earlier, but I lost the stamps. I sent my minion forth to search for them - it has not yet returned.


Rescuing kids with the Durmand Priory

Scholar Josir is trying to woo the Marquise whenever he can. He talked  her into letting him and his order, the Durmand Priory, helping her rescuing the kidnapped children from the swamps. Fair enough the method they came up with worked out but the guy himself is so .. well .. boring.

Whispering with the Order of Whispers

Ihan of the Order of Whispers, on the other hand side, is all the opposite of boring. Ever since the Marquise first laid eyes on him she can barely think of anything else.
And now, take a look at this scene: It would have been so perfect - she was there, he was there, a cozy hammock was there - but apparently it was not enough. Ihan was rather interested by her other skills, incredible as it may seem.
Well - she'll show him how skilled she is and help him track the Seraph and fight along with him.

In order to make Ihan a bit jealous, she joined once again forces with the Durmand Priory to lure some information out of the ghost of Alastia Crow who admitted having corrupted Kellach the seraph - so this is why he believes he must kill Queen Jennah, since only her blood can purge the corruption in Kryta.

God save the Queen?

The Marquise would rather not put her money on the gods - she prefers to take action herself!
Jennah - "Her majesty Queen Jennah of Kryta" to you ! - is in great danger but don't despair, the Marquise will bring deSaster to everyone who dares threaten life and sanity of Kryta's regent. Logan Thackery of course will help.
This time the Marquise again chose Ihan and the Order of Whispers to be at her side.

And with this her final choice had to be taken. Admittedly it was not an unbiased one.
Josir and the Durmand Priory efficient enough but a bit boring with all their research and machinery.
Whatever the name and aim of the girl of the Vigil was - the Marquise does neither remember nor care. She does not want to meddle with belligerent bitches in heavy armor.
The Marquise did of course chose Ihan and the Order of Whispers!

You're in the Order now !

Editor's note: all personal story quests have been done 2-3 level lower than recommended and worked out just fine. I don't know whether it's the Necromancer or the story line or a combo of both but it seemed quite doable.
Stomp alomp in the swamp
Something is wrong in the swamps of Queensdale - portals to the underworld have appeared everywhere. The Marquise and Fat Danny went to have a look and well ... to spread death wherever they went.
Danny turns out to be very fond of the Marquise's poison combo fields while she is pondering over how to best make him her minion-pet.
She came up with a cunning plan to drug him - in order to achieve this she is building on his apparent nasty habits! This picture should make it quite clear what I am refering to, can you guess it now?

Nonchalant necromancy - the mighty Marquise !
Average mobs rarely offer a challenge to the Marquise, so she decided to bring "de Saster" somewhere else. She was lucky to cross several veteran Oakhearts on her way and ended their lives single handedly.

The Oakheart champion however was not quite so easy to deal with - but the Marquise would not be the Marquise if she could not deal with it. Placing mark upon mark on the ground, poisoning, crippling, chilling, fearing, blinding and weakening him she managed to keep the champion occupied for some minutes until reinforcement arrived and finished him off.
Soloing a veteran Oakheart
For the Taimini!! Yes, indeed: For their death!
The Champion is down - the veteran about to die.
Looting their reward

After all this fighting the Marquise felt the need for some calm and quiet. She first tried the luxury at Caudecus' Manor but soon found out she prefered the down to earth surrounding of Claypool.

Relaxing in the countryside
Moa's ark

And with that it's Queensdale completion 100% and level 18

After having sold about 500 cotton scraps today, Nymeria decided it was about time to take a break from her work at the trading Post and leave cold Hoelbrak behind for a little adventure.

First though she had to dye her clothes - being particularly fond of the new light green colour she found.

She had been told about secret chests in Kryta and could not resist hunting them down for some potential shinies.
Her first destination was "Beggar's Burrow" south of Divinity's Reach, where she had some minor troubles convincing the bandits to open the door - restoring to some "fiery arguments" though did the trick.
On her way to the second chest at the Taimini camp  near Turnwatch Waypoint she was talked into helping herding some Pygmy Moas and whilst defending them from raptors found out that she was quite fond of earth magic after all.