Nymeria apparently has a knack for business:
She started off six days ago, having all but 5 silver coins, and today her accountant told her she had more than 3 gold !
The jute and wool business have performed extremely well.

About time to treat herself to a shopping tour! And look what she got herself: a full green 'Mighty Magician' set dyed in 'pastel lemon' and 'mint breeze'.

But don't make the mistake of taking her for a trader only, she is quite efficient at conjuring elements:

The trading post has been down since yesterday evening - which leaves Nymeria in a pretty jobless situation. Usually she can be found going about her business in Hoelbrak all the time.
I don't know for sure, but this is what I imagine she must be doing right now, celebrating the free time and having a drink or two too much ...

Nymeria has been busy making a lot of money on the Trading Post these last days, so she has not seen much of the world outside Hoelbrak.

Unfortunately I just found out that newest entries sell first, so my stack of 1.000 cotton straps that I put up one day ago is likely never to get sold even though it matches the current lowest price.
I ought to calm down about it, but I'm struggling.