Dear sisters in arms - today I am writing you from Stormbuff Islands. You might wonder what I am doing there, since this zone is still way above my skill level, but you may have guessed it: as an envoy of the Order I don't question their reasons.
Tybalt and me had to smuggle minister Caudecus' daughter Demmi through Lion's Arch and take her to this very place here - and to security in our head quarters. Demmi is save now - something the poor souls that tried to hinder us can't claim.
As for my performance: I have been promoted to full agent!! Once I'm back there will be a huge party and lots of champagne! We need to celebrate!
My next job will take me to deal with Hyleks. Frogs, honestly!
                                                                                                                                         the Marquise

The Marquise being promoted to full agent
In the Order's headquarters

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