The Marquise's personal story continues. This time the Order of Whispers asked her and Tybalt Leftpaw to bring de Saster to some pirates that kidnapped Demmi, Minister Caudecus' daughter and the Orders' informant.
Tybalt had arranged for the Marquise to distract the pirates while he searched for the hostage.
And what a distraction he created - a drinking competition!! As if that wasn't already enough, he also organized a pirate costume for them. Poor Marquise.
But once she had accepted her fate, the Marquise performed great! She outdrank a human, an Asura and even a Charr, winning the competition and baffling all the other pirates.
Unfortunately their disguise then was discovered and some fighting was required to free Demmi and take her back to the Order's safehouse.

Unfortunately Ihan was not there to celebrate her succes. But the Marquise met Lady Wi and, hear hear, it turned out her mentor Tybalt Leftpaw was not as experienced as he wanted her to believe. Never trust a Charr!
So, this was a level 33 Personal Story - which the Marquise soloed at level 30/31. Not bad, Ma'am ;)

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