After having sold about 500 cotton scraps today, Nymeria decided it was about time to take a break from her work at the trading Post and leave cold Hoelbrak behind for a little adventure.

First though she had to dye her clothes - being particularly fond of the new light green colour she found.

She had been told about secret chests in Kryta and could not resist hunting them down for some potential shinies.
Her first destination was "Beggar's Burrow" south of Divinity's Reach, where she had some minor troubles convincing the bandits to open the door - restoring to some "fiery arguments" though did the trick.
On her way to the second chest at the Taimini camp  near Turnwatch Waypoint she was talked into helping herding some Pygmy Moas and whilst defending them from raptors found out that she was quite fond of earth magic after all.


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